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HQT Diagnostics

Measure your:

  • Omega-6/3 Ratio
  • Omega-3 Index
  • Trans Fat Level

Based on a blood sample from your fingertip, you receive information about the above and further dietary health indicators.

Service for Healthcare Professionals

Services to doctors, practitioners and nutritional experts:

  • Seminars, work-shops and lectures
  • Enhanced test result explanations
  • Discounted prices on lab analysis
  • Therapeutical advice


HQT Fatty Acid Methodology

Measure the fatty acids in your body (26 fatty acids) by a leading European lab through a blood spot sample.

Analyse the individual fatty acid profile around key healthcare ratios. Click here for a test report.

Regulate deficits through nutritional adjustments. Click here for an example of omega-3 deficit regulation.

HQT Diagnostics - Your partner for diagnostics and dietary advice

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